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Tag, You’re Stupid


File the following under the most pathetic decisions made by a school. Ever. A Colorado Springs elementary school has actually banned the game tag. Administrators say some children complained they were harassed and chased against their will. School officials said that’s it—we’re guessing those kids are still being chased against their will. Tag is one of the most fun and spirited games a little kid can play. You don’t need equipment, and it actually promotes exercise, which judging by youthful pudgy waistlines is in desperate need. Children will always find ways to tease and harass their schoolmates. Banning a fun-filled game that has survived countless generations just makes school officials look stupid. The scary thing is, Discovery Canyon Campus is not the first Springs school to ban tag. Two others actually did the same in 2005. Needless to say, we’re more scared of the Springs than ever before.

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