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The Cure For a Hangover, Sort Of


It’s recently been said that the University of Colorado has dropped from the upper echelon of party schools. For those bemoaning that fall from grace, take solace in knowing that at least CU’s nerds know how to have a good time. A team of CU graduates apparently had enough hangovers during their days studying that they figured it was time to develop a remedy.

They launched The Cure—an effervescent solution that dissolves into water—in 800 liquor stores throughout Colorado last month, billing it as the first healthy, all natural, hangover remedy. We were a bit skeptical to say the least, but when the product is designed by an Ironman athlete, a Duke University biologist and a clinical psychologist we decided it was at least worth a try. So we had The Cure’s marketing team send over a few samples. Through our extremely unscientific studies we found that the 20 ounces of fruity blend, which you need to down before bed after a night on the town, offered mixed results. The Yellow Scene employee who drank in moderation (think a few glasses of wine, followed by a few beers in an otherwise quiet night at home), felt fine the next morning. The tester who over-did it—more than a dozen drinks, including shots and mixed drinks, a minimal amount of sleep and some greasy late-night food—not only had trouble downing The Cure before bed but also woke up with a mighty powerful hangover. So The Cure can help, but don’t expect a miracle if you’re making it your business to help CU climb back up the party school rankings. Pick up The Cure at liquor stores throughout the state.

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