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By Sled: When You’re Snowed in at Home


Of course, close to home is always the best way to beat the hordes of Coloradoans looking to play in snow-filled playgrounds. If we get lucky and have a few metro-area blizzards this season, sledding may be the only option if your sedan can’t get out of your snowdrift-filled cul-de-sac. Oh, if you don’t have a sled, a few lunch trays from your child’s cafeteria (please don’t break any laws in obtaining them) and a roll of duct tape should suffice. Here is a city-by-city list of slopes:

Superior: The open space just south of High Plains Drive along the western side of McCaslin Boulevard is a top sledding destination. Long runs, high speeds. Be careful.

Louisville: The city’s recreation center has multiple sledding spots for kids, as well as a few miles of cross-country ski trails.

Lafayette: Autumn Ash Park has a “very gentle hill,” according to those who know.

Boulder: Tantra Park is the longest hill in town at more than 100 yards. It’s on Brookfield Drive in South Boulder. The hill east of Casey Middle School at 13th and North streets is short, but steep. The soccer field below keeps even the smallest of sledders safe. East of town, Meadow Glen Park at 55th and Pennsylvania is another option. Or check out Chautauqua Park and join some CU students who seem to build a kicker each time it snows.

Niwot: The high school has its own short hill just above the oval track.

Longmont: Skyline High and Sunset Middle schools feature short runs, though Skyline’s north-facing slope stays slick just a little bit longer.

Thornton: The “multi-” in Thornton’s multipurpose fields just west of 108th and Colorado includes at least one wintertime activity. So too does Pecos Park at Pecos and 96th.

Westminster: Credit the 622-foot cross-town elevation gain for some of the best sliding spots. The City Park Recreation Center (Sheridan and 105th) claims to be “the city’s best sledding hill.”

Winter Sports Guide 2008 

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