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When you imagine two shopping centers hogging the corners of an intersection, you think bland chains and vacant spaces. There’s a reason Atlas Valley and Forest Park have stayed vibrant—hip, eclectic businesses.


1. Deli Zone
We have a few East Coast natives on staff, so we’re skeptical of anything said to be New York style. The Brooklyn Bomb—with its three types of peppers, perfectly grilled turkey and mounds of other veggies—knocked the cynic out of us.
1389 Forest Park Circle, #101. 303.926.0500.


2. Nissi’s
Soul Sacrifice, The Informants, Hazel Miller. Sounds like live music, doesn’t it? And it’s coming from a suburban club, isn’t it? Nissi’s is proof that quality music and the ’burbs are synonymous.
2675 North Park Drive. 303.665.2757.


3. Barlow’s Premiums Cigars
Welcome to the “Man Cave” of Lafayette. Sit in a plush leather chair, relax with some buddies, play poker and catch the game on the 42-inch flat screen. Oh, and peruse Barlow’s incredibly diverse selection of fine cigars.
2770 Arapahoe Road, #102. 303.926.1002.


4. Timbalier
You want a nice clock, like one of those really cool ones that makes a statement other than the time. Here you’ll find a dozen great selections. Or find a perfect piece of jewelry or a great Valentine’s gift. Timbalier has a ton of cool stuff jammed tastefully into the store.
2770 Arapahoe Road #106. 303.666.4200.


5. Joe’s Bike Shop
“Every kid wants a BMX,” says Joe Giovenco. He’s right. But despite there being dozens of bike shops around, his is about the only one specializing in the tricked out bicycles.
2772 Arapahoe Road, #110. 303.666.1400.


6. What’s Cookin’
If you are a gourmet chef, swing in to pick up some of the finest cookware. If you are scared to cook by yourself, drop in on a cooking class offered in its Food Network-like kitchen.
2770 Arapahoe Road, #112. 303.666.0300.

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