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Going Bonanza For a Super Market


Much to the chagrin of Erie Airpark residents, it appears that a 200-foot road will be built between Vista Ridge Parkway and Bonanza Road, connecting two communities in the name of luring a shopping center. Oh, and to make the controversy seem non-controversial, the town has now found another reason to build the road: public safety. Since there’s only one road into the Airpark now, it can take 11 minutes or more for an ambulance to reach homes in this neighborhood. Apparently, Airpark developers promised residents the connection would never be made, although the town never said that. For both financial gains—the project would make the intersection at Highway 7 and Bonanza lucrative—and safety reasons, we support the town.

What’s Next: Residents are upset since a developer promised them the road wouldn’t be built; the town looks to move ahead anyway.

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