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Wine, Real Beer and Groceries


It’s always been annoying having to go to the grocery store to grab food and another retailer for the bottle of wine.

Brandon Shaffer, the state senator from Longmont, has felt that pain. He’s pushing a new law that would allow grocery stores in Colorado to carry wine and real beer (not that 3.2 crap). Spirits would still be banned, and Shaffer, a Democrat, is making concessions to appease those protesting. Still, it appears his proposal will go down in flames. Too many liquor store owners are too scared this would kill business—many lawmakers agree.

There is hope for those looking for more convenience when it comes to buying booze. Sen. Jennifer Veiga, D-Denver, pitched a law that would allow liquor stores to remain open on Sundays, taking Colorado off the list of 16 archaic states that still forbid sales on the holiest day of the week. It may just pass, which means you will no longer have to drink 3.2 beer in the Invesco Field parking lot.

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