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April Letters to the Editor



You Crazy Pinto Bean Lovers

Dear Editor,
Saw the recipe for pinto bean and shrimp salad (“Challenging Elements,” March). Being a non-bean eater I couldn’t imagine why you came up with pinto beans, except they are the only thing growing at this time of year! But when I went on to read the recipe I must say I was truly intrigued. I love shrimp, and all those peppers and spices truly made my mouth water. I would definitely say this recipe is a winner—and John’s Restaurant should be given a medal of honor for doing a truly great job with the lowly pinto bean! You guys surely have a great sense of humor!
Mary Juszynski

Editor’s Note: No offense to the rest of you, but Mary’s comment was our favorite this month—she understood our humor in assigning Chef Corey Buck of John’s a pinto bean. For her efforts, she received a $75 gift card to Bloom in Broomfield. Post a comment online (good, bad or otherwise) this month, and if you are our fave, we’ll give you another extra special goodie!

Thanks For Not Mentioning Us, Seriously
Dear Editor,
As a proud supporter of Lafayette and a member of its city council, I normally take offense to articles written about cities and towns in the Boulder County/North Metro area that do not mention our town (“Perfect Neighborhood for You,” March). However in this case, since the goal seems to be to drum up more business for the panel of ‘experts’ and promote sprawl, I am glad you did not. Keep up the good work!!!
Frank Phillips

Editor’s Note:
The hoods we picked are the opposite from sprawl, including many live, work, play opportunities. But we do love when a city council member is actually happy about not being mentioned!

Far From Rock Bottom
Dear Editor,
Really enjoyed reading the article about my former employer (Rock Bottom Brewery, “Minimum Reasoning,” March). Most of the people laid off are already back to work in better positions for better companies. Several of those laid off were brought back into other positions and were allowed to keep their severance packages.
The cost of doing business did go up dramatically with the increasing cost of goods (food and such) as well as the increase in minimum wage. The problem with Rock Bottom is it’s a company run by a bunch of old restaurant managers, not smart businessmen. The executive team at Rock Bottom is comprised of extremely slow decision makers. Other restaurant companies probably moved quickly to deal with the increasing cost of doing business. Rock Bottom’s response was to keep trying to increase the prices a little bit at a time and hope that would help, without the knowledge and business sense to react to the market wisely. …In the end most of us that were laid off are doing much better. Most have landed in positions with companies that are much better run. … Thank you.
Happy Former Rock Bottom Employee
Via Cyberspace

Who Needs A Realtor?
I got the new issue in the mail today, and we’re in the process of looking for a house so I was very excited to see the pieces on the housing neighborhoods (“Perfect Neighborhood for You,” March)!
Amanda Freeberg

We Knew We Were Way Funnier
Dear Editor,
I think Yellow Scene Magazine is a great way to introduce people to new restaurants and events in the area. Plus I don’t like the local newspapers, and your material is much funnier.
Beth Sprague

Hope You Toasted Us On St. Patty’s Day
Dear Editor,
I loved learning the facts about St. Patrick’s Day. My grandparents were Irish immigrants and I only knew one of them.
Veronica Daly

Love From a Love
I am always a big reader of the Yellow Scene Magazine. I am a nurse, and I recommend it to my co-workers!
Melody Love

Loving the Liberal
Dear Editor,
Allow me to say how much I continually enjoy all aspects of the Yellow Scene Magazine—particularly Jim Spencer’s columns as I loved him at the Denver Post and gave up reading the DP when he was let go. Now you have the thoughtful, dare I say, liberal and humanistic voice of someone who reports both fairly and accurately.
Thank you and know that your magazine is a huge treat to read every month (particularly the education-focused issue in the fall).
Kristina Leonard

Editor’s Note: Gulp, we hope we don’t lose this reader when she hears the news: Jim Spencer is leaving us. He found a full-time gig that prohibits him freelancing. The May issue will be his last, but we have another liberal and humanistic voice line up to fill his place.

Corrections: We are so enamored with the Magnificent Mile in Chicago (“Perfect Neighborhood for You,” March) that we unintentionally tried to rename it the Miracle Mile. We think most Chicago transplants will forgive us for this faux pas. Also in an advertisement for Fox Hill Country Club in Longmont, the cost of a golf membership was listed incorrectly. Memberships cost $3,000 (call 303.772.0246 for info).

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