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Louisville, Your Vote Was Just the Beginning

Louisville, Your Vote Was Just the Beginning


Letter to the Editor by: Michael B. Menaker

The recent municipal elections in Louisville portend important changes in City policies and programs. Citizens signaled a rejection of the nihilistic “anything new is bad” politics of the past and a desire to turn the corner and once again have Louisville not only look forward, not backward; but actually, move the City forward and embrace the future with hope, optimism and enthusiasm.

Yet, Council meetings continue to be dominated by the losing minority of residents clinging to the hope that they can delay, obstruct and obfuscate the conversation and thus prevent the very change Louisville overwhelmingly voted to implement.

The tactics are familiar to everyone…anonymous fliers filled with misinformation and alarmist claims. Claiming to speak for the majority, while clearly in the minority. Monopolizing public meetings and discussions. And, sadly, outright false statements.

What’s a concerned Citizen to do? –

Well, neighbors, you get the Government you earn:

It is critical to stay engaged. Make an effort to read the agendas for City Council meetings. Make sure your elected representatives know that the CAVEs (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) don’t speak for you or our community. Watch or attend City Council meetings and voice your opinion and support positive growth and change.

The nihilistic policies of the past have cast a pall over our City. Business and investment avoid us. We’re known as a bad place to do business or try to build something new. Be the new wind that clears the air and let it be known loudly and often that you want to see Louisville open for business and looking to the future.

And to our businesses…from the shops on Main Street to the large employers in the Tech Center and Centennial Valley, I have a message:

Silence is no longer a good business practice. Your involvement and engagement are critical to the conversation. It’s not enough to rely solely on the Chamber of Commerce of the Downtown Business Association…your voice is important, needed and will be heard by our new City Council and Planning Commission. If you’re silent, you leave the voices of “No!” as the only voices speaking.

The work is just beginning. We have major land-use decision before us now. And, we will be updating our Comprehensive Plan, developing a Housing Plan and much more that will determine Louisville’s future for many years to come.

The voices of “No!” never rest. Do not let them dominate the conversation.

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