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Best People



• CRITICS: Dwayne Wolff, Longmont
Working out of a studio just above the Old Firehouse Art Gallery in the heart of Longmont’s burgeoning arts district, Wolff has created a dynamic series of oil paintings that range from fruit stills with a twist to captivating landmark representations
and beyond. We love his newest work best—colorful bamboo stills.
• READERS: Eric Olson, Master Jeweler, Lafayette

• CRITICS: Matt Holiday, Rockies
This was almost a no-brainer. The Rockies won over the hearts of every pseudo baseball fan from Pueblo to Cheyenne, out to Rocky Ford and back again with the improbable run to the World Series. None of that happens without Holiday’s bloody chin-first slide into homeplate. The one that catapulted the Rox into the Wild Card round in a do-or-die play-in game.
• READERS (tie): John Elway and Troy Tulowitzki

• CRITICS: Paul Weismann, Blue Parrot, Louisville
The old cliché of a bartender being the perfect ear to bend for a patron’s trouble doesn’t ring more true than for those who get to chat with Paul Weismann. That’s Rep. Paul Weismann, D-Louisville, to you. So if you catch Paul, who will be running for re-election after six years service in the House come November, behind the historic Main Street bar, you can chat about lost love. Or what type of legislation you think needs attention.
• READERS: Cindy Thomas at Dillinger’s, Lafayette

• CRITICS: Janiece Woodland, Longmont
The Longmont Humane Society marvels at its luck in landing Janiece Woodland as a volunteer and frequent donor. Woodland is a rare breed—she gives thousands of dollars a year to the humane society and donates hundreds of hours, too. She is not afraid of the grunt work, either—she’ll haul stuff around, set up canopies or anything else asked.
• READERS: Phil Anschutz

• CRITICS: Ray Rushing, freelancer
The cover images of Yellow Scene Magazine over the last year have been some of the finest in our seven-plus-year history. You can thank Ray Rushing for many of them (May, July, September, December and March). Beyond that, Ray is one of the premier wedding photographers in the region.
• READERS: Eric Grey, Superior

Print Media Columnist
• CRITICS: Mike Littwin, Rocky Mountain News
First, Mike is funny. He’s also witty, intelligent and endearing. In the last year, Littwin, one of the premier metro area news columnists, wrote about the Rockies run in such a manner that every grown man in the region was wishing he still played Little League—he actually had us excited to read a paper again.

Politician (city level)
• CRITICS: Karen Benker, Longmont City Council
When Longmont City Council voted 6-1 in favor of letting a mega church’s development be annexed into city borders, it caused an outrage among residents. Soon after, more than 5,000 Longmont voters signed a petition forcing council to put the approval to a special election. The outcry caused a new, fresh bloc of council members to be voted into office. Guess who that lone vote of dissention was: Karen Benker. She knew from Day One this project had more questions than answers.
• READERS: Mayor Andrew Moore, Erie

Politician (State or Federal)
• CRITICS: Brandon Shaffer, D-Longmont
What we really love about Brandon Shaffer is his ability to win support over time—and over sessions. A year ago, he failed in passing a bill that would have given farmers, businesses and residents who have solar or wind generators on their property the ability to sell excess energy back to the grid for a profit. He pushed a similar measure again this year, and it appears it’ll make it. Shaffer has laid the ground work for an ROTC-like teacher program that we hope will gain steam next year.
• READERS: Rep. Mark Udall, D-Boulder

Radio Show
• CRITICS: The Alice Morning Show with BJ, Howie and Jennifer
We all need a little relief to temper traffic-filled rage during the morning commute. That’s where BJ, Howie and Jennifer come in. You’ll find that relief in Jennifer’s guilty pleasure Wild on Hollywood celeb gossip, Howie’s Headlines, a humorous take on the day’s news, or enjoying BJ’s role as the playful leader. Basically, listening to the trio will make your commute feel like a Sunday drive in the country.
• READERS: Bret Saunders, KBCO

• CRITICS: Charlie Garcia, Erie Elementary
Typically, a good teacher comes to Erie Elementary, works a few years then moves on. It’s the nature of the profession. But Charlie Garcia is a different breed—the type you remember from your days as a student. He’s from Erie, loves the town and has been teaching here for more than 20 years. He connects with his students, even writing them individual poems for 4th grade graduation. His lesson plans are even published nationally. St Vrain’s gem.
• READERS: Doug Troise, Alexander Dawson, Lafayette

TV Personality
• CRITICS: Gregg Moss, Mornings on 9News
Sometimes we tire of hearing about the crime that just happened. Yet we never get bored of Gregg Moss. He shines by talking about cool gadgets that will make our lives a little bit better. He’s funny, smart and witty. He happens to be a former Erie resident—our hometown—who still calls North Metro his home. Not that we’re bias.
• READERS: Mike Nelson, 7News weather

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