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Best Service


bow_mattandhat.jpgAuto Repair
• CRITICS: Stang Auto Tech, Broomfield
We pretty much trust that most auto shops can fix your car or truck or SUV. It’s doing so quickly and without, ahem, finding other “problems” that makes a shop great. Stang has built a reputation for fixing cars honestly. It’s where the Yellow Scene staffers drops their cars, which get beat up pretty good driving all over chasing stories.
• READERS: Lafayette Imports, Lafayette

• CRITICS AND READERS: The Wave, Westminster
This wasn’t even a category last year, yet a few dozen somehow managed to vote for Wave in our Readers’ Choice 2007 awards. So we added the category, and then checked Wave out. For about $20, our cars came out spotless, inside and out. To boot, there’s a mini putting green, free Internet access, TVs and a comfortable lounge to keep you preoccupied while your ride is cleaned.

• CRITICS: Dr. David Ehrmantraut, Erie
Ask anyone (women especially) in the area: Dr. Dave has the best hands in the region. He melts patients with deep tissue massage following an adjustment. He’s laid back in his approach and stresses muscle development to fend off back problems before they start. And did we mention his hands?
• READERS: Baseline Chiropractor, Lafayette

Customer Service
• CRITICS: Flower Nook, Erie
Picking flowers is a tough thing to do. Your girlfriend is mad at you, what do you do? It’s Valentine’s Day, are roses a must? You’re on your way to a wake, what do you bring? These are all questions we’ve pressed to the employees of the small flower shop. We’ve always left with a perfect bouquet, great advice and a smile. The Nook has service down to a science.
• READERS: Integrity Martial Arts, Frederick

• CRITICS: Dr. David Wertz, Louisville
We’ve given Old Town Louisville a lot of love in this year’s Best of the West. For various reasons, we’ve become enamored with the diverse, small town that continues to improve with age. But what would any old-fashioned town center be without a great dentist who mirrors the community? When you notice a ton of pearly white smiles in Old Town, thank Dr. Wertz, who opened up shop on Main Street in 1998. He fits Louisville like a well-molded retainer.
• READERS: Lafayette Dental, Lafayette

• CRITICS: Dr. Lynn Voss, Boulder Orthopedics
Since we all love to ski and run and hike, it’s just a matter of time before the knees give out. Dr. Voss can give you a brand new knee. Using a Deuce Knee implant, Voss can help all of us knee abusers fight arthritis without removing unnecessary bone. Voss will have you skiing and running again in no time.
• READERS: Dr. John Spine, Tri County Medical Center

Home Decorating
• CRITICS AND READERS: Encore Home Styles, Longmont
Judi Supplee and Dena Blackburn started this business to help people get their homes into show shape—meaning they’ll stage a house that’s for sale, making it look like it’s a show home. These styled houses tend to sell quickly for a reason. Luckily, you don’t need to sell your home to get their help—their newly expanded space on Main Street carries a whole shop of fine choices ready for you now.

Personal Trainer
• CRITICS: Brian Cooper, Lakeshore Athletic Club, Broomfield
Brian Cooper’s knowledge includes a masters-level education and a list of certifications long and impressive. Basically, he makes for a great workout partner. He’s a certified personal trainer, pre- and post-natal resist-a-ball trainer, and integrated flexibility specialist. He is also a nice guy who teaches technique in an inviting manner. Cooper motivates with knowledge and kindness, the way fitness should be taught.

Ready-made Dinners
• CRITICS: Simply Homemade Dinners, Westminster
The market for ready-made dinners has become increasingly crowded with families always in a rush to eat dinner and do so in a healthy and tasty way. Simply Homemade has topped its competition with creative menus, holiday offerings and a bevy of fresh options catered to you. So next time the kids ask, in that fingers-on-the-chalkboard manner, “What’s for dinner?,” quiet them with Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb knowing it takes moments to whip up.
• READERS: Supper Solutions, Longmont

• CRITICS: Dr. Anita Knudson, Coal Ridge Animal Hospital, Firestone
Besides being one of the best vets you’ll ever find, Dr. Knudson has the bedside manner of an angel. She cares as much about your dog or cat as you do, which is extremely comforting when you have to leave your best friend behind.
• READERS: Dr. Donald Dodge, Jasper Animal Hospital, Lafayette

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