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Check Out Old Town Erie


There’s a whole lot of bustling development nearby, but we have a soft spot in our heart for Old Town. In honor of the May 17 Erie Town Fair, we explored the teeny yet ever-so-charming historic Briggs Street.

1. The Flower Nook
It’s nearly Mother’s Day: Get Mom a dazzling arrangement of vibrant flowers that will last ’til Father’s Day. The America’s Favorite Mom bouquet (pictured) dazzles. 470 Briggs St., 303.828.1062

2. Kabbu
A karaoke night that’s exciting enough to cause participants to dance on the bar is reason in itself to swing by for a drink. Although climbing on top of the bar may draw some unwanted attention from staff members. 500 Briggs St., 303.828.0922

3. Balia Salon
Chic hairstyles are a must now that Erie’s growing into a sophisticated suburban town—get a sexy urban look here. Then pick from a dazzling selection of all-natural beauty products to keep you shining long after your styling, including great Bed Head gels. 515 Briggs St., 303.828.1225

4. Colorado Coal Company
If you love steak, burgers and a hometown atmosphere, you are in luck. Chad serves up a great buffalo steak and a killer blue cheese burger. It’s no secret among locals; his joint is packed on the weekends. 578 Briggs St., 303.828.4005

5. Old Town Coffee
Every quaint downtown needs its own coffee shop. Cheryl opened this gem a little more than a year ago. Take your time, sip on an Americano and discuss the town’s politics with your neighbor or read a new book for free with the shop’s exchange program. 145 Wells St., 303.828.0530

6. Erie Scuba
Get all your scuba needs taken care of by professionals right in downtown Erie. Then use them to book a dive trip to the Bahamas for you. Just make sure you come back from vacation, okay? 665 Briggs St., 303.339.0723

Also: See where Yellow Scene Magazine happens, watch Kevin Cali do his best Kevin Taylor impression at the first of his four planned in town restaurants, Uptown Erie Café (303.828.2501) and put an offer on your very own sandwich and art shop at Zupa Euromerican Café (303.828.2693).

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