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Lust, the Craigslist Way


In terms of online shopping, Craigslist can’t be beat. The popular website offers everything from jobs to camping buddies. You can sell your house, rent a vacation pad in the mountains or pick up a last-second ticket to a Nuggets game. Lonely hearts use it as a dating service. Craigslist carries service postings from financial experts, therapists and beauticians. It also contains options for the Elliot Spitzers and Ted Haggards of the world. A recent glance at the site’s “erotic services” section turned up a number of exciting opportunities. One post entitled “Fun & Busty” delivered the fuzzy photo of “Carly,” a full-figured gal with waist-length blond hair. Mrs. Juicy Booty was just a scroll away. She posted her phone number and a description of herself unfit to print.

At least one Boulder County man is apparently very familiar with the service section. Vincent Edward Carter of Superior was ticketed after he allegedly ordered a hot Craigslist date. The alleged online solicitation went south after Carter and his sexy service provider, Tanya Lynn Morgan, argued over the fee. Authorities say tensions escalated when Carter brought out an unloaded shotgun during the negotiations. Carter’s folly should serve as a lesson to all Craigslist users: When you negotiate, establish an agreed upon price up front. This rule should hold fast whether you seek an old lamp, a tattered couch or a happy ending.

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