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Not Quite Improved Enough


We don’t care much for losing, which is why disappointment was the first emotion to hit when we found out we didn’t take home a Maggie this year. Maggies, given out by the Western Publications Association, honor the best in the magazine business west of the Mississippi. We were named a finalist for most improved magazine in 2007. That’s a pretty big honor for us. Never satisfied, we wanted the win.

Our publisher had dreams of walking across the stage a the posh L.A. ballroom over the weekend to collect a really cool looking plaque. But she sat at her table, only to find out that Bass and Walley Boats Magazine beat us.

What the $%*#?

The national niche publication with more than 30 years experience improved just a little better than we did from 2006 to 2007.

Oh well, we plan on winning that award next year, and hopefully a few others.

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