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May Editor’s Picks


Maybe They’ll Start Pushing Coors
Probably the second-most recognized type of horse in the Americas (hey, if they’d wanted to be the first, they’d be hawking Budweiser instead of those low-brow Clydesdales), the Lipizzaner Stallions are the best dancing horses on the planet. With moves like the Mezair and the Capriole, the Spanish-bred horses have adapted what was originally military-based training into a stunning display of grace. May 17-18, Broomfield Events Center, $22.50+, 303.410.8497

Way Off Broadway
For more than 14 years, Rent has been educating audiences about the post-Eastern-European-immigrant days of the East Village and AIDS in wondrous format of song and dance. It’s the heart of the shabby-chic Manhattan arts scene of the ’90s, and is slated to end its Broadway run in September. Not gonna be able to make it to the Big Apple? Catch it nearby. 7:30 p.m., May 8, Budweiser Events Center, Loveland, $29+, 970.619.4122

Artists For Animals
Granted, Fido may not be able to tell a Botticelli from a bone, but that doesn’t mean art and animals aren’t good bedfellows. Especially when one is used as a means to help the other. Join the Longmont Humane Society for its annual Art for the Animals Spring Boutique. Featuring the work of local artists, proceeds will go to benefit the Longmont Humane Society. May 10-11, Humane Society Carriage House, Longmont, 303.682.8957

You Really Want This Kitchen

A former dairy processing facility, the Watts Hardy building in Boulder was refitted as the Dairy Center for the Arts in 1991. More than a dozen different arts organizations now call it home. Kitchens on Fire is an annual benefit for the Dairy. It’s a two-day self-guided tour of kitchens in Boulder, which should appeal to the Chef Ramsey in all of us. Twelve kitchens will be featured, providing plenty of culinary wizardry. 10 a.m.-4 p.m., May 16-17, $20, 303.444.7328

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