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Back for More Chinese


We were devastated when Lui closed up his Chinese restaurant in Old Town Erie last year. There was an ugly dispute that we don’t want to rehash. But it left us without Chinese food nearby, and we like to eat Chinese food a whole lot.

More accuaratly, we like to eat everything a whole lot and diversity is key to keeping our office happy. We were not alone. Dozens of visitors popped their heads into our offices wondering where Lui’s had gone. We told them away, they left sad and hungry. Lucky for us, Lui is back—almost.

He has leased one of the spaces on Briggs Street in New Town, about a half-mile south of his previous location. While there is still a good amount of finish work left of the new space, his sign proclaiming the arrival of Lui’s Wok and Grill is now up.

I can almost smell the General Tso’s Chicken now.

We’ll let you know when he finalizes an opening date.


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    Okay, so just about when I’d heard about this place in Old Town and started to make plans to eat there– Poof! it’s gone! I mean, I love Chinese food, but now I have to drive to some other zip code to get it. Glad to see the Phoenix will rise again in Erie and so close (maybe too close?) to my home. I can hear the General calling out to me…

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