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A Glamorous Job


Comments I get all the time while toiling for Yellow Scene Magazine: “Your job is so cool.” “You guys have the most glamorous gig.” “You are so freakin’ beautiful.”

The last one is a stretch, but the first two seem to be spot on much of the time. This has been especially true putting together our annual Summer Scene issue.

Telling my friends that a swimsuit model was swinging over to my home on a recent evening to try on some fashionable water wear for our cover shoot drew a few jealous comments from my bachelor-heavy set of buddies. I’m not sure my girlfriend was as excited, however.

I received little sympathy when telling my pals about the day of the shoot, when I was pressed to duty by pushing the aforementioned model around the swimming pool while sipping on fruity tropical drinks stuffed with umbrellas. (Full disclosure: The latter never happened, but it makes it sounds much more glamorous, doesn’t it?)

We spent the morning at Elitch Gardens in downtown Denver trying to make the Front Range look as tropical as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot. Or more accurately, simply have the muddy spring Front Range look as if it were in full summer bloom.

It had snowed two days prior.

The temperature in the pool wasn’t actually warm, either—both myself and model Alyssian Vissat had to tough it out just like the dozens of Colorado Rockies fans still attending games this bleak-looking season.

Still, we had a blast (thanks in large part to a brimming box of hot coffee and a warming-by-the-minute sun). It was about as far from the cubicle as one could imagine. It almost made up for a few of those deadlines that had me battling morning rush hour traffic leaving the office.

So, yes, I love my job, but the last few weeks, poolside retreat included, reminded me of something else: Summertime is almost here. That means barbecues, hikes and scorching days spent searching for relief; Colorado is perfect for it all. I sound like I’m gushing about the lifestyle here—and I am.

There’s a mountain full of adventure to tackle in the coming months in Colorado. That’s the point of the June issue—to get you out enjoying our amazing state the way Mother Nature intended.

We’ve had more fun than a kindergartner at recess the last few weeks researching for this issue.

One of our editorial interns (who jumped off a mountain on a paraglider in the name of journalism) marveled at some of our recommendations, realizing what she’ll be missing as she travels Europe this summer (though her blues will be dulled by a enjoying a fresh Pilsner on a buzzing patio in Prague).

I digress. The point being, often we forget why we’ve either stayed here our whole life or uprooted to get here and spend too much time sitting in front of an air conditioning.

Don’t fall into the trap.

It’ll make all this hard work we’ve put into this edition all for naught.

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