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June Letters to the Editor


A Heartfelt Thank You
Dear Editor,
I just finished crying my way through your “Heart Case” (“Heart Case,” May) article. My nephew was born a year and a half ago with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. To enable his half-a-heart to pump his blood to his entire body, he will have three open-heart surgeries in the first two years of his life. I can only imagine what my sister and her husband go through every day, praying that their little boy will grow up. Thanks for letting us know about Camp Odayin and people like Tim Case who help fund such a wonderful place for heart patient kids.
—Julie Huffaker, Boulder

A Long Pet Peeve
Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed your column in the Yellow Scene Magazine (“One Long Challenge,” May). I also enjoyed the additional pages about 14ers and nearby amenities. I will add this copy to the many piles of papers cluttering my house—meaning, I’m going to keep this issue because of its content! Clutter be darned.
It’s apparent from reading your column, Mr. Harkins, that you know the difference between Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak. But looking from Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville and elsewhere in these parts, many people mistake that large, currently snow-covered mountain looming over Boulder as Longs Peak. It’s Meeker that we see from around Superior and Broomfield; Longs is standing behind it. Certainly from Longmont you can see the Twin Peaks side-by-side. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when people look north and west from the Boulder area to the mountain with the spiny-ridge and call it Longs Peak.
—Bette Erickson, Broomfield

Love it When a Soccer Mom Magazine Talks Trailers
Dear Editor,
Living on Briggs Street in Old Town Erie I read with interest your story about Old Town (“Out With the Old, In With the New,” April). Buzzers started ringing when I read reference to “double wides” on the street. Anytime a soccer mom magazine starts talking about trailer people, I know things are off to a rocky start. It might be splitting hairs, but double wide mobile homes usually have a trailer hitch and can still be moved, just like the single wides at the south end of the street. I think what you are referring to is manufactured housing.
—Robb Cadwell, Erie
P. S. Maybe you are mixing things up with the width of your jeans.

Editor’s Note: Just got finished with a 20-mile bike ride and slipped into a 34-inch waist pair of jeans. A couple of soccer moms whistled at me while out on the road.

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