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A New Fan


Most everybody loves to meet a celebrity. That generality applies whether you are a big fan of said famous person or not. Sometimes these chance meetings can even turn you onto the celebrity.

Case in point: meeting John Legend in LoDo last night. The popular and youthful Legend had just finished a performance at Fiddler’s Green in Englewood and was staying at The Oxford that night. We were busy sipping martinis at the funky Cruise Room bar in the hotel when his posse strolled by.

We glanced as he left the room—onto other bars and clubs, we surmised.

As we were leaving we glanced into the bar of McCormicks, a low-key pub in the same building. There was one table seated: Legend’s party of six or so. We got the chance to say a quick hello, mingled with his guests and basically hung out.

He wasn’t pretentious, nor was he a jerk. Quite simply, he was a nice guy. Legend just wanted to chill with his friends. We respected that and enjoyed are brief meeting.

Maybe now I’ll start downloading his songs from iTunes.

—Jacob Harkins

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