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Day 3: Finally Back to Colorado


Editor’s Note: Tim Case is cruising through the Colorado portion of the Race Across America. This is a solo bike race that will have him cross the United States in about 10 days. He left Oceanside, Calif., Sunday morning and had completed 884 miles by 4:15 p.m. Wednesday, passing through Pagosa Springs on his way to Chama, N.M. His team updated us a few minutes before Tim’s arrival in Pagosa. Tim is riding for Team Strong Heart to raise money and awareness for Camp Odayin, which is dedicated to serving children with severe heart problems.

It’s day 3, and the overnight crew just checked into a hotel in Pagosa Springs where we have been up working nonstop for well over 26 hours. We are delirious, almost feeling drunk by the intense feeling of tiredness. Tim is pedaling strong! He is with the second crew change and flying from Durango to Pagosa Springs on a 70-mile stretch with a blessing from god of tailwinds 25-30 mph that won’t stop. All the riders are taking advantage of this, so it’s a big day for everyone.

Last night we were back on the road at 7:15 RAAM time (Eastern standard), and it was a painful start for Tim due to a real sore saddle. He pushed through the pain, and got into his groove powering through very tough climbing and terrain straight through the night going more than 200 miles by the sunrise. The crew pulled into time station 13 at sunrise where we got creative with a gel seat cover—and some tape. Tim rode off telling us that he was teary eyed because he wasn’t in pain for the first time.

The crew switched a few miles forward while Tim kept pedaling. We drove ahead to write a few fun motivational words in chalk on the hills for him to read as he rides up. “GO TIM.”

The wind is still blowing, and Tim is still riding into the sunset after a little sandwich rest break. We are finally going to get some rest so we are prepared for the morning crew shift change, and are continually encouraged by Tim’s strength, and dedication to this mission.

Keep the rubber side down…..

Michelle Pearl, Tim’s girlfriend and crew member.

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  • Avatar

    Tim, you are a true hero and a living inspiration!

    Remember what Lance said: “Pain is temporary, it may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”

    Keep rollin man, and may you have tail winds all the way to the end of your journey.

    We are with you every mile brother!

    Eric Ursich

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