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French’s 8


Eight signs it’s time to get central air or evaporative cooling…

1. Microfiber, Anyone?
You lost a layer of skin the last time you sat on your leather couch, shirtless.

2. Not in Style
Your wife calls you “Hot Pants” and it’s not a compliment.

3. Where’s the A.C.?
The neighborhood kids keep coming over with marshmallows on sticks and asking to sit in your living room.

4. Burning Hot Tin Roof
Squirrels are roasting nuts on your roof.

5. Overcooked Sushi
You asked, “What’s for dinner, hon?” and she said “Boiled Fish,” pointing to the aquarium in your den.

6. Loading Zone Only
The ice cream truck guy just decided to park it in your driveway.

7. Somebody Tell Bush
Osama Bin Laden is hiding in your basement.

8. Rewriting Lyrics
Charlie Daniel’s new hit is “The Devil went down to…your house.”

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