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Discover Your Mixed Breed’s Heritage with Dog DNA


Our photographer Jessica Grenier loves her 1-year-old Rat Terrier and Beagle mix. But she doesn’t know for sure that Diesel is actually part Rat Terrier and part Beagle. And that’s a drawback for potential pet owners when they head over to the local humane society. It’s impossible to be certain what your cute fella actually is—until now. Local vets and pet businesses are increasingly offering DNA testing so you can proudly (and accurately) tell all your friends what type of dog you really have. For a little less than $200, the Banfield Clinic (located inside many PetSmarts, including the Superior location), a vet will draw blood and three weeks later you’ll receive a booklet explaining the three strongest breed matches, including percentages. “Silly, I know, but I can’t stand the curiosity,” Jessica says.

We Love These Breed Names
Other Fun Crossbreeds: Buggs (Boston Terrier/Pug), Pomapoo (Pomeranian/Toy Poodle), Bagel Hound (Basset/Beagle), Jack-A-Bee (Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier), Yorkipoo (Poodle/Yorkshire terrier), Rottle (Rottweiler/Poodle), Westiepoo (Westie/Poodle) and Dorkie (Dachshund/Yorkshire Terrier).

Diesel is a Rat Terrior/Beagle mix who lives in Denver with Jessica Grenier

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