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A New Pet Brings Up the Need for New Pet Products


Now that you’ve picked out your perfect family pet, make sure you grab some of this cool gear to make your pup or kitty the envy of the neighborhood.

No Need for Pockets
It’s always a pain to carry a cell phone, keys, poop bags and a wallet when your walking your dog to the park. Forget cargo shorts, just drop all that gear in this handy throw bag. Bow Wow Bag ($9) available at Bark Avenue.

Give the cat something to scratch, and take comfort in knowing it was made from recycled cardboard. Cat Posts ($43) available at Struttin Pup.

His and Her Bowls
Okay, this isn’t exactly the his and hers matching robes you got for your wedding, but it’ll be so cute when your kitty and puppy are eating next to one another from matching bowls. Oval Cat Bowl ($6) and Country Canine Bowl ($7) available at Struttin Pup.

Pillow Fight
You’ll no longer be fighting your dog for space in your bed—that is assuming you don’t find your pup’s bed more comfy than your own. Bagel Bed ($62) available at Bark Avenue.

Multi Tasking
Let’s face it, digging into a bag of cat food to find the scoop makes for a stinky hand. Not to mention there’s always a need for a freshness clip to keep the bag sealed from curious kitties. Solve both problems with this handy clip scoop. Scoop ’N Clip ($5) available at Struttin Pup.

Try Tearing Through This
We’d like to see the dog that can mash through this indestructible stuffed sheep. On second thought… Tuffie’s Sherman Sheep ($25) available at Struttin Pup.

For more info on any of these pet gifts visit Struttin Pup (1385 Forest Park Circle, 303.665.3038) and Bark Avenue (101 E. Chester St., Lafayette, 303.664.9663).

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