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Golden Retrievers and Poodles/Labradors and Poodles Make Doodles


Nearly every type of fashionable designer dog includes a doodle at the end of its name, and it’s not because the new breed sounds cool. Poodles have many endearing qualities and potential pet owners have placed them in high demand. They are smart, come in a variety of colors and sizes and don’t shed. On top of that, many pet owners shy away from the traditional look of a poodle, preferring what the pups look like when they’ve been crossbred.

Do It Right Tip 2
Cats Can be Crossbred, Too: But that is not necessarily a good thing. Some breeders have taken to crossing wild, bigger cats (think tigers) and domestic cats to get that wild look on a smaller, more manageable kitten. Small doesn’t mean perfectly domesticated. This practice is banned in some countries and states. Steer clear.

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