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Pugs and Beagles Mixed Together Make Puggles


These are the dogs that have popularized intentional mixed-breeding. It’s a toss up which traits will dominate (smashed nose or long snout, etc.). They are active and outgoing. They tend to look like a puppy well into the adult years. A majority of puggles have a black mask. On rare occasions they are completely black. Regardless of color, Puggles are as adorable as their names suggest.

Do It Right Tip 1
Temper Your Expectations: This is breeding. That means all bets are off in terms of what traits a puppy will end up with. When picking a hybrid breed, be comfortable with the pros and cons each dog in the mix brings to the table. If a breeder promises you a Puggle will not have breathing problems, you may want to walk away. You could get the best of both worlds; or the worst.

These are Puggles from Double D Puppies

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