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Homemade Mantra


Dish Gourmet is what you would call a small sandwich bistro. It’s the kind of deli that refuses to be outdone by a certain “five-dollar foot long” fad. In today’s fast-paced world, Dish would like you to slow down and smell the pastrami. It’s the type of sandwich shop that was once a minority in Boulder, a market flooded with grab-and-go sub shops catering to college kids. Brian Benham, founder of Dish, is working to change that.

Incorporating his culinary skills accrued from 15 years working in restaurants, Benham’s Cubans, Tuscans and Mahalos are a welcome addition to the area’s sandwich community. Consider him the gourmet sandwich maker in town.

And he follows one mantra: It better be homemade.

“We were the first sandwich shop in Boulder to do everything from scratch,” Benham says.
Everything from its breads to spreads and pastas and sauces are made in house. Meats are local and its recipes unique and gourmet.

For example, the Mahalo is a combination of sesame crusted Ahi tuna, seared rare, cucumber, wasabi mayo and greens on a baguette. It’s like going to a sushi house, asking for their best cut of sashami, searing it and placing it between two fresh slices of bread. The Cuban uses local ham and pork shoulder, French emmental cheese and Russian dressing, providing a perfect meal in the middle of the day.

But it’s not like Dish has forgotten the classics. There are more than two dozen other offerings, including a New Yorker, Reuben,  Italian, and you can even order Thanksgiving on a bun with the aptly named Thanksgiving sandwich (roasted turkey, stuffing and cranberry).

All of these fresh offerings encourage you to sit and stay awhile. The few tables that dot the interior seem to encourage a leisurely lunch. The large, shaded patio overlooking Pearl Street invites you to take an extra half hour out of your day to relax and take in the view.

When you’re enjoying one of the Dish’s sandwiches, you’ll understand why.

’Cause who wants to rush gourmet food?

Dish Gourmet, 1918 Pearl St., Boulder, 720.565.9366

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