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October Letters to the Editor


Never Called This Before
Dear Editor,
You guys are showing your bias (“A Republican in Boulder,” September)! How about “A Democrat fighting for respect in RED Colorado Springs!” I threw your magazine away.
—Bill Gerlach, via email

Being called a conservative rag—now that’s a first! —ed

We Knew These Were Coming…
Dear Editor,
Shame on you for your ignorant glorification of so-called designer dogs. I see from your editorial (“Puppy Paradox,” August) that many people (probably the true reputable breeders you mention pet seekers should patronize) tried to discourage you from proceeding with your feature. This is one of the first examples of prior restraint I can wholeheartedly endorse. Reputable breeders do not produce designer dogs. …Rather than try to impress us all with how you’re a big-boy journalist now that you got some hate mail, do your homework. Your half-baked tips on choosing a pet don’t compensate for a poorly conceived concept.
—Caroline Price, via email

Dear Editor,
My son was hoping the Yellow Scene annual pet giveaway meant that he might finally have a chance at getting that hamster he wants! Seriously, I know you are not giving away pets and my Labradoodle Dante could surely use something to cheer him up after that nasty editorial comment from Lesley Nelin (“Letters,” September). My “mutt” did not come from a puppy mill or backyard breeder. His parents were fully-tested as were the grandparents.
—Heather Juenemann, Firestone

Dear Editor,
I was saddened to see this issue and your response to the criticisms (“Puppy Paradox,” August). I am neither a PETA person who equates dog breeding with destroying the world, nor am I a backyard breeder, a casual breeder, or someone who will ever breed. I think what you missed in your chats with folks was reflected in your comment, “As with any industry, there are those who do good and those who do bad.” This is not a garden variety business or even hobby. This is the deliberate creation of life; life that some respected researchers at Tufts and Davis Veterinary Schools are arguing shows significant signs of awareness and consciousness. The process of breeding needs to be approached with respect …To put two breeds together because, in your words, the puppy will be “freakin cute” is reckless and inhumane. …Next time you do a Dog Issue, devote it to real issues—neglect, abuse, need for training and socialization, increased rates of auto immune diseases like cancer and allergies…
—James Thurber, Lafayette

For the record, we received an equal number of hate and love letters regarding our pet issue. The nasty ones make for better reading. —ed

That Was a Good One
Dear Editor,
Dude, in your “DOH! Corrections”…man, “mistoke?”  I hate it when I miss a toke, dude.  That is, like, totally bummer. I think you meant “‘mistook,” bro, like the past tense of “‘mistake,” dude.
—James Johnson, Broomfield

Doh! Corrections:
On an advertisment for Jasper Animal Hospital, we printed the incorrect address. It’s at 1369 Forest Park Circle, #101, Lafayette. Call 303.665.4002 for information.

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