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Resturant Rumblings


It’s the Blackberry’s Turn
A moment of silence, please. Mountain Sun’s beloved Raspberry Wheat beer is no more. Or, we should say, is no more for the time being. Due to a drastic raspberry shortage, the Boulder-based brewery is switching to a darker fruit—the blackberry. Will the raspberry come back? Hrodes of people can only hope. Until then, Boulder’s brewhounds will have to make do with the new blackberry beer that the brewery seems pretty happy with. We’re also confident the new offering will hold everyone over until a raspberry revival presents itself. For information on Mountain Sun, 1535 Pearl St., Boulder, call 303.546.0886.

He’s Baaack
Erie Commons has its first restaurant, and its owner is a familiar face, Lui. Lui’s Wok and Grill was a fixture on Briggs Street until its abrupt closure early last year. It was a local favorite and one of the best spots to get Chinese in the area. Needless to say, there were more than a few folks disappointed they could no longer get their fix. But Lui’s is back, reopened last month in Erie’s newest development just five blocks from Old Town. While offering the same Chinese dishes as before, Lui’s has expanded the menu, adding a decidedly American section (think wings, burgers and other munchies). We’ll let you know what we think of Lui’s sequel in a future issue, we promise. For information on Lui’s, 89 Briggs St., Erie, call 303.828.2282.

Veggie-inspired Mexican
If you’re interested in a more veggie-centric Mexican restaurant, Longmont’s new Sabroso Mexican Grill (opened in June) is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Husband-and-wife team Greg and Patti Benson left the corporate world to offer north Coloradoans their take on Mexican cuisine. The standards are all available—enchiladas, rellenos, tacos. But organic and vegetarian take the place of meat-heavy, fried entrées. Some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes include the vegetable tamale escabeche and the watermelon-jicama salad. Now you can eat a Mexican meal without so much gluttonous guilt, assuming you don’t try everything on the menu in one sitting. For information on Sabroso, 1225 Ken Pratt Blvd., call 303.702.9800.

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