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Staying Competitive


Walk into most any business around FlatIron Crossing Mall, and owners will likely tell you times are tough. This is especially true in the Village open air section. where foot traffic is slow and plans are in the works to raze buildings that are slowly wilting as sediment shifts underneath. But for the second straight month, good news has offered hope. After announcing two new major tenants and plans to redevelop the Village in September, the Broomfield City Council stepped up in October, offering to chip in $25.6 million (about half the project’s cost) to help the shopping center rebuild a vacant Lord and Taylor building (which will house the two new tenants), construct a 140-room boutique hotel and fix the Village.

[What’s Next] While pumping in tax dollars in a flailing economy is a tough pill to swallow, it seems a necessary evil as FlatIron becomes an old mall competing with shiny new developments.

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