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A Reason to Fast Today


I’m starving myself today in anticipation of an enormous holiday meal I’ll consume this evening. Seems a little early for a holiday meal. Perhaps, but it’s in the name of journalism, and we have deadlines here in Yellow Scene Magazine land.

Each month, I challenge a local chef with a secret ingredient. He or she then has just 24 hours to create a dish that will stay on their menu a month. The idea being our readers can then check it out (See Village Tavern’s challenge). For our annual special edition Holiday Gift Guide, I’ve tweaked this challenge a bit, offering a personal chef the ingredient to prepare a decadent multi-course menu that I can pass along to readers with recipes and tips.

Chef Rob Corey of 12 Seasons stepped up to the challenge. I won’t tell you the ingredient; you’ll have to wait until the issue comes out Nov. 24 to see that and what he created.

Needless to say, four of us (our food critic, a photographer and my girlfriend) will be treated to (hopefully) a decadent feast at my home. My kitchen has never been treated so well.

— Jacob Harkins, Yellow Scene Magazine editor

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