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Check Out: Nickel Street


Cruising along Highway 287 near U.S. 36 in Broomfield, it’s easy to drive right past this hidden hodgepodge of local business gems. Well, next time you’re in the area, take a side trip for lunch, shopping or some tropical flowers.

1. Original New York Pizza
If you want a taste of Brooklyn—literally or figuratively—check out the city’s best pizza joint. Thin-crust pizza, calzones, subs, pastas and a helping of attitude. Just don’t admit to being a fan of any Boston team. 1300 W. Midway Blvd., 303.469.9117

2. Dry Creek Quilts
Sure you could pick up a cheap bed-in-bag over at Target, but you’ll be missing out on one-of-a-kind handmade quilts by local crafters. Buy a quality quilt or materials to make your own, take classes to learn the craft, or drop in on the Tuesday quilting group. 1480 Midway Blvd., 303.456.2526

3. Big Dog Deli
Walk inside this deli throwback and you’ll figure out what’s kept it in business for more than a decade: They make bomber sandwiches. This is a no frills deli. Try the Big Dog, a nine-inch prime rib delight. 300 Nickel St., 303.460.1000

4. Bouquet Boutique
Don’t assume all flower shops are the same. Each shop has a niche. Bouquet’s happens to be tropical flowers, carrying a wide assortment including several varieties of orchids. Give someone a long-lasting bloom; try a stunning orchid plant that’ll bloom for three months. 290 Nickel St., 303.466.1251

5. Golden Bear Bike Shop
A Best of the West winner a year ago, Golden Bear is one of the premier bike shops in the region. Pick up the stylish Gary Fisher Simple City commuter bike while you’re there. You’ll look really freakin’ cool saving gas and the environment. 290 Nickel St., 303.469.7273

6. Broomfield Event Center
Ok, this is a mile away from Nickel, but it’s the area’s entertainment draw. The arena is turning into an entertainment hotbed with Weezer and Oasis swinging through recently, and both minor league hockey and basketball teams in full swing. 11450 Broomfield Lane, 303.410.0700

Also: Bowl a perfect game—or at least break 100—at Chippers Lanes (100 Nickel St., 303.466.9700), get your pets checked out at Laurel Veterinary Clinic (1480 Midway Blvd., 303.469.5363), have someone else make dinner at Supper Solutions (1480 Midway Blvd., 303.465.4544) and enjoy traditional Mexican food at La Casita de Durango (300 Nickel St, 303.410.4942).

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