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A Whole New You (On Us)


Get a kick start on your New Year’s resolutions with a little help from Yellow Scene Magazine. Enter by Jan. 17 to be eligible to win great prizes from these Health and Body businesses. You must be a YS Consumer Card holder to enter (sign up here). If you are already signed in, go directly to the giveaway.


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    How does one go about relaxing their body and their mind at the same time? To just let the world pass by for just a measly 20-30 minutes? That would be heaven for me. Learning how to relax…..for just a few minutes to forget about the asthma that sends me to the hospital every couple of months, the 18 yr old that has decided that living on the streets of Denver is the way to get to know the world, the daughter and daughter-in-law whose babies are due, respectively, in March and April – and whose husbands have been laid off due to the economy. Not to mention the water heater that went out at the end of the year and then having to have a plumber come out and run a camera down the pipes only to find a block of 2×4 in the line (had been there since the house was built 4 years ago). Teach me to DESTRESS, please.

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    After years of volunteering to help others…time for a new look! Would love to win either Evergreen Cottage, Colorado Hair or Salon Cosabella. I have a wonderful friend who never says “no” to all my needs to help others and it would be wonderful if we could go together. Our senior community in Broomfield has hit hard times like so many others and without support from those who care they would be lonely, hungry and without hope! I LOVE our seniors and do my best to give them a hand up!!

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