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Thanks, but no thanks


The real problem I have with Ron Paul and the Republican party’s talk about letting the big companies file bankruptcy (besides the absolute lack of understanding of the far-reaching impacts of that choice) is that they seem to have no care or connection to the number of other companies that would be affected.

I have written off thousands of dollars due to bankruptcies. Meanwhile, the dirtbags who didn’t pay their bill in the first place aren’t even affected by the bankruptcy. They shut one business down and start another. I have had people purchase items from us, knowing they were in bankruptcy. Long-standing clients too!

Free Market is an ideology and nothing else, based on the Austrian ideology of economics, which, by the way, has no basis in research. It is simply a think tank of ideas. If Free Market really worked then there would be no corporate crimes like pollution, employee abuse, ad theft. The last time this country actually had a Free Market was at the turn of the century, which is now lovingly known as the Robber Baron days. Remember those times from your history books? The stories of employees working 16-hour days paid only in company money. People died for their jobs back then and the company walked away fat.

I’m a capitalist. But I strive to be a responsible business person to my staff and my community. This country doesn’t need less regulation, that is what got us here these last eight years anyway. In spite of the Republicans’ latest attempt to blame this mess on Obama, it was eight years of corruption, greed and corporate rule that did it. Their rule. But instead, they blame the guy who has been on the job all of eight weeks.

The problem with Ron Paul is that he lives in a fantasy world, the problem with the rest of the Republicans is they have long since lost the way. They don’t just have an ideology problem, they have a power problem. So my response to Ron and Rush and the rest of the gang at the GOP is, Thanks, but no thanks. We’ve tried that and look where it got us.


Lacy is an award-winning food writer and blogger. She lives in Westminster with her family. Google

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