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Makeover Update: Part 1, the Color Analysis


The countdown to color is ended! Morgan arrived at my studio clean-faced and enthusiastic about discovering exactly what color ranges would suit her best. Being a redhead typically makes one more aware that some colors work, others don’t. Count Morgan among that observant group. With the luxury of more than 2,600 fabric swatches as resource for finding what’s best, our analysis path is set.

Initially, ranges of colors are identified that match Morgan’s hair color, skin color, eye color and the blush natural to her cheeks. This is called the facial color portrait. In Morgan’s case, a balance must be reached between the naturally warm coppery tones of her hair and the cool pink of her cheeks so that one doesn’t fight with the other. Next , other hues are selected that are complimentary to Morgan and her facial color portrait. In addition to identifying flattering colors, how light, how dark, how bright, how muted are considerations critical to a sample swatch earning its place into her final outcome. The process is somewhat painstaking and definitely thorough, taking about 1 ½ hours. Morgan’s own, unique, color harmony is the outcome. Lastly, the color samples arranged on the tray she holds near her face will be assembled into her own personal color portfolio, a handy fan-type arrangement that she will carry with her as guide when she shops. Each portfolio individually manufactured means just a few days wait until it arrives at her mailbox.

There is a second part to the personal color consultation. Once coloring is analyzed, Morgan will attend the Make It Work seminar where she will learn all she needs to know to utilize her color portfolio to its fullest.

Stay tuned, eyeglass frames are next. Then, makeup …

Learn more about Nancy and her work at her website, nancytaylorfarel.com.


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