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Makeover Update: Nutrition


A quick update from the nutrition front…

The big news is that Morgan and I were able to do a grocery store tour, which usually has a big impact, as it is the “in-the-trenches” hands-on training that makes a difference.

Morgan is adding in more whole foods, eating more vegetables at dinner with some recipes from my book, eating a more balanced breakfast (protein/fats/carbs in a good ratio), and trying new foods.

We are working with the idea of the “crowding out” theory. Focus on adding things in, not on deprivation or you can’t have this
(because you know, if I say, you can’t have chocolate, then all of the sudden, that is what the mind fixates on).

Our next big focus is going to be on deconstructing cravings using a variety of tools.

You can learn more about Seth and his services at sethbraun.com.


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