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Best for the Gals


bowdayspa_p56Day Spa
EC.c : Sunflower Spa
I always thought that people were supposed to be stressed-out, dry-skinned and tensed-up. And then I walked into Sunflower Spa in Longmont—where patrons take a break from life, relax, moisturize, detoxify and wash away their troubles. Whether you need to pamper your toes or give your whole body a scrub, Sunflower is ready to make life a little happier.
EC.r : Sunflower Spa

Girls Night Out
EC.c : Empire (Pulcinella, honorable mention)
There are three components to a girl’s night: your wing women, something to celebrate and a good location. In fact, location is imperative in your girl’s night strategy. Empire Lounge & Restaurant in Louisville offers the perfect amount of class, attitude and amusement.
EC.r : Magnolia

BD.c : Tahona Tequila Bistro
I always say, a night out that starts with tequila usually ends with someone crying in the bathroom or dancing on the bar—either way, you’re in for an eventful evening. When girls go wild, margaritas are usually involved…and so is Boulder’s Tahona Tequila Bistro: cheesy appetizers, strong yet tasty drinks and a solid happy hour. Let’s take bets now, who’s dancing on the bar tonight?
BD.r : Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

EC.c : O Bar, Westin
It’s late afternoon, and burly looking men—still wearing nametags from a sports gear conference next door—give burly laughs and drink light beer. The room is draped in golden light as the sun sets over Westminster. O Bar’s martini list is standard…lemon drops and cosmos. But I order mine a little dirty, Kettle One, extra olives. It’s smooth and balanced, not shy but not overwhelming.
EC.r : Martini’s

BD.c : Bacaro Venetian Taverna
Lemon basil. Peach jalapeno. Spicy mango. At Bacaro, the martini glass is but a canvas on which bartenders create. They are beautiful drinks—if a bit unusual—and adventurous, complex and robust. Try the peartini (not a martini in the classic sense of the word, but a crazy, must-taste concoction nonetheless): Tanqueray, St. Germaine elderflower liqueur and Absolut pear with a touch of champagne.
BD.r : St. Julien

Swank Bar
EC.c : Empire
Maybe you consider yourself a swank person: you don’t walk, you swagger; you don’t talk, you hobnob. Or maybe you consider yourself a normal person in need of swagger and hobnobbing. Either way, take yourself to Louisville’s premier swank spot: Empire, which is never self-aggrandizing—it has swagger without attitude.
EC.r : Empire

BD.c : T-Zero, St. Julien
With the economy as it is, you probably won’t be running out to drop big bucks on a lavish vacay anytime some. But there’s no reason you can’t get all posh every so often. T-Zero at Boulder’s venerable St. Julien Hotel will offer you a taste—or two—of la dolce vita. The view is great, the cocktails are smooth and the vibe is, well, swank.
BD.r : St. Julien

Fashion Boutique, Women
EC.c : Vie Vie Luxe
In downtown Louisville, this cute, girly boutique “for everyday luxuries” offers premium denim and designer clothing lines as well as jewelry, gifts and cards from local artisans.
EC.r : Vie Vie Luxe

BD.c : Weekends
You don’t go to Weekends for just anything. You go when you want to find something that makes you feel absolutely fabulous. Their selection of denim is unrivaled in the area, with a stellar selection of shoes, casual tops and designer leather. If your weekends are spent at dinner parties and happy hours, we’ve found your wardrobe.
BD.r : Weekends

EC.c : Elizabeth’s Embellishments
This country-chic store in Lafayette offers the kind of lingerie that women buy for themselves: pretty but practical; feminine and flirty; soft and sensuous. When your college T-shirt and yoga pants are no longer cutting it, pick up a pair of silk pajamas or a bathrobe and remember how to feel pampered.
EC.r : Victoria’s Secret

BD.c : Christina’s Luxuries
If your idea of great lingerie leans a little more toward sexy than simply sweet, Christina’s has you covered—or at least your naughty bits. Stop in for intimates, swimwear and more practical pieces (hello Spanx!). Christina’s also offers a unique trousseau registry, ensuring that all the lacey nothings brides are showered with are exactly the right style (and size).
BD.r : Christina’s Luxuries

gifts for them. gifts for you.

Gift Shop
EC.c : Madifine Mercantile
EC.r : Timbalier Dry Goods
BD.c : Jacque Michelle
BD.r : Paper Doll

EC.c : Lafayette Florist
EC.r : Longmont Florist
BD.c & BD.r : Sturtz & Copelands

EC.c & EC.r : Eric Olson
BD.c & BD.c : Walters & Hogsett

Accessories for Women
EC.c : Grey Bee
EC.r : Goldie’s
BD.c & BD. r : Weekends

EC.c & EC.r : Encore
BD.c & BD.c : Concepts Furniture

Home Decorating
EC.c & EC.r : Encore
BD.c & BD.c : Invironments Design

EC.c : Fuzzy Antler
EC.r : Woodley’s
BD.c : HW Home
BD.r : Concepts Furniture

Gourmet Cooking Store
EC.c : Cayenne Kitchen
EC.r : What’s Cooking
BD.c & BD.c : Peppercorn

Home Improvement
EC.c : Lowe’s
EC.r : Home Depot


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