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Best Mind & Body


EC.c : Rick’s Eyeworks
Your eyes won’t believe it. You’ll see the light. Don’t turn a blind eye. OK, no more vision-related idioms…If Rick’s Eyeworks is known for one thing, it’s service. Rick’s has been Louisville’s local eye-care specialist for more than 20 years, with board certified opticians, a great selection of eyewear and a caring staff.
EC.r : Third Avenue Eye Care

BD.c : Wink Optical
For the fashion-focused, getting anything but the finest frames would be short sighted. This is one accessory you have to choose with care. Enter Wink Optical with a vast selection of exclusive and hard-to-find designer frames. Pair that with a staff trained to help each customer find frames that match your personal style and lifestyle, and you’ve got a 20/20 relationship for life.
BD.r : Wink Optical

Shoe Store
EC.c : Brown’s Shoe Fit Co.
I tend to wear shoes until they fall apart, the soles warn down and the toes poking through. It’s not a money thing—it’s a “when I find shoes I like, I don’t want to take them off” thing. Many a pair have come from Brown’s—my first pair of Birkenstock’s that now sit in the back of my closet like fallen soldiers, warn through and tattered, and perfect-fitting Danskos sitting in the entryway, eagerly waiting for a trip to the grocery store.
EC.r : Brown’s Shoe Fit Co.

BD.c : Two Sole Sisters
Sorry fellas, this one is for the ladies; you can walk down the street and grab a beer while your wife drools over Two Sole Sisters’ perfectly picked display items: little pieces of foot art. These are the kind of shoes that get noticed, the kind that garner compliments from other women and that men don’t really “get.”
BD.r : Pedestrian

Road Cycling Route
EC.c : Carter Lake
When cyclists talk about East County, it’s like a child talking about his box of toys. They go on and on, verbally taking you up and down county roads, over hills and through towns and farmland. They’ll say something like, “Start anywhere on Baseline and head east … turn at the…you’ll wanna take a left at the…” But the prize in their treasure chest seems to be a ride from “anywhere in East County” to Carter Lake. If you need directions, just ask.
EC.r : Lyons Loop

BD.c : St. Vrain Loop/Lyons Loop
There are several variations on the St. Vrain Loop/Lyons Loop ride (aren’t there always), but we suggest you start from Gateway Park and ride up to Lyons on 36, west on St. Vrain Dr. and to the Peak to Peak Highway. Once you hit Ward, you’ll head toward Lefthand Canyon and eventually back to 36 and Gateway Park.
BD.r : Lyons Loop

Mountain Biking
EC.c : Teller Farm
Looking for mountain biking in East Boulder County is kind of like looking for skiing in East Boulder County. But at Teller Farm, we found a nice option. It’s not a super challenging ride and bikes are only allowed on the east section of the trail, but it’s a beautiful ride, heading through grazing and farm land. There’s nothing like mountain biking in East County.
EC.c : Hall Ranch

BD.c : Picture Rock Trail
This new-ish ride connecting Heil and Hall ranches is all the rage for local mountain bikers. The Heil and Hall trails were once separate but Picture Rock now brings them together, creating a beautiful and fun ride. Best of all, it leads toward Oskar Blues.
BD.c : Rabbit Mountain

Pilates Studio
EC.c : Pilates Bodies
A Yellow Scene staffer used to take Pilates with an Olympic swimmer. As she lay there contorted, she compared her body with the athlete next to her. Instead of caving into self-deprecation, she chose to appreciate the moment, seeing it as a reminder that one does not have to be a superstar to get their Pilates on. At Pilates Bodies in Longmont, you become the superstar. And longtime instructor Donna McLean ensures your mind and spirit get a good workout too.

BD.c : Boulder Bodyworks
For the newbie, Pilates is scary—the equipment could double as some sort of torture devise and the positions look about as natural and comfortable as, again, torture. But in truth, it’s anything but. Especially in the hands of Boulder Bodyworks, where you can start slow and work your way up. They even have prenatal classes for those moms to be.

body stuff

Body Treatment
EC.c : Lakeshore Athletic Club’s Pumpkin Cranberry Treatment
EC.r : Sunflower Spa
BD.c : Moor Mud Wrap at Marianna’s L’esthetique

Day Spa
EC.c & EC.r : Sunflower Spa
BD.c & BD.r : Essentiels Spas

EC.c & EC.r : Sunflower Spa
BD.c : St. Julien
BD.r : Essentiels Spas

EC.c : Evergreen Cottage
EC.r : Sunflower Spa
BD.c & BD.r : Ten20

Hair Styling
EC.c & EC.r : 95th Street
BD.c : Pompadour’s Hair Salon
BD.r : Rumors Salon

Aesthetic Beauty Treatment
EC.c : Aesthetic Solutions EC.r : Sunflower Spa
BD.c : Avanti Skin Center
BD.r : Marianna’s L’Esthetique Medi Spa

EC.c : Releaf Therapy
EC.r : Sunflower Spa
BD.c : Colorado Massage Center
BD.r : Masage Envy

Yoga Studio
EC.c : Solar Yoga
The family that bends together, stays together. That should be the mantra at Solar Yoga, the family-owned yoga studio in Longmont’s Prospect New Town. With the whole family unit teaching, Solar Yoga brings something special and hot—and because it’s not your family, it’s still relaxing and meditative.
EC.r : Solar Yoga

EC.c : Old Possum
Independent bookstores have a long battle ahead of them. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t waging their own war against the not-to-be-named big box book peddlers. Support the little guy and wage your own war—Old Possum in Broomfield houses more than 40,000 titles, so you’ll definitely find one.
EC.r : Borders

BD.c : Boulder Bookstore
As a kid, I found my love for books, for words, for the shelves that hold the books that hold the words in the Boulder Bookstore. Now, every time I walk in, I go to where my yet-to-be-written book will one day be shelved, and I run my fingers across the spines of the books to the left and right of where my future book will be. This inspired moment is brought to you by Boulder Bookstore, instigating readers and writers since 1973.
BD.r : Boulder Bookstore

Musical Instruments
EC.c : Miller Music
As one of our employees puts it, Miller Music is a “freakin’ institution.” From amateur to professional, from amps to pianos, from digital to acoustic, from repairs to lessons, Longmont’s Miller Music is where musicians, wannabe musicians and future musicians go to find their muse.
EC.r : Miller Music

BD.c : Robb’s Boulder Music
You can’t talk about music in Boulder without mentioning and expounding upon Robb’s Boulder Music, which hit the big 30 last year (it can almost run for president!). The place is iconic and helped to raise some of Boulder’s most successful and extraordinary musical artists. Because of its musical roots, it’s also something of a gathering place for local and visiting musicians. Maybe Robb’s should run for president…
BD.r : Robb’s Music

Record Store
EC.c : Angelo’s CDs & DVDs
Whether you need a gift for your Neo-Luddite friend who is rebelling against the digital revolution or for your mom, who doesn’t know how to use those newfangled contraptions (“the iMusic is so confusing”), Angelo’s is your new best friend. The longtime Denver-area business has been supplying the community with its music since the early 1990s; check them out near you in Thornton, Littleton, Wheatridge and Aurora.
EC.r : Angelo’s CDs & DVDs

BD.c : Bart’s CD Cellar
Sometimes you don’t want to listen to Flo Rida on the radio (all the time?). Sometimes you want to find music that means something—something you can hold in your hands and show your children and grandchildren. You’ll find those somethings and more at Bart’s CD Cellar. From music to memorabilia to merchandise, Bart’s is there for you and your musical needs.
BD.r : Bart’s CD Cellar

Yoga Studio
BD.c : Om Time
Those who frequent Om Time adore the diversity of offerings: everything from Anusara to Kundalini. You want to meditate, get in touch with your spiritual side? Want to work on balance, flexibility, strength? Want to liberate your “creative life force and cultivate embodied freedom?” It’s time for Om Time.
BD.r : Core Power

Martial Arts
EC.c : Vision Quest IBBA
BD.c: Krav Maga
BD.c : Boulder Krav Maga
Whether you hope to hold your own in a bar fight or teach your son some discipline, martial arts reigns. Instructor Christopher Spann has built his Vision Quest Martial Arts studio into a force to be reckoned with. Your kids will learn values, which are just as important as muscle and might. For something different, head to Boulder Krav Maga, where you learn the art of self defense (krav maga means “close combat” in Hebrew). You’ll learn to neutralize your attacker—or your husband after he forgets to fix the garage door.
EC.r : Tran’s Kickboxing
BD.r : Tran’s Martial Arts

Recreation Center
EC.c : Erie Community Center
In Erie, life is good. And nowhere is it more apparent than at the 63,000-square-foot Erie Community Center, complete with indoor track, racquetball and basketball courts, lounge rooms, climbing wall and swimming pools. We also dig the solar thermal system, helping to avoid emitting tons of CO2.
EC.r : Longmont Recreation Center

BD.c : Northern Boulder Recreation Center
Picking a best Boulder recreation center is like picking one of your children—each one is special in their own waybut you love them all the same. Well, almost. We opted for the northern-most member of the Boulder family because it’s state-of-the-art and well-equipped for a variety of activities—from yoga and swimming to gymnastics and tennis.
BD.r : East Boulder Recreation Center

more body

EC.c : Dr. Dave, Erie Chiropractic
EC.r : Larimore Chiropractic
BD.c : Canyon Chiropractic
BD.r : Café of Life

EC.c : Erie Family Dentistry
EC.r : Michael Shore
BD.c : Incredible Smiles
BD.r : Ania Mohelicki

EC.c : Dr. John Spine, Tri-County Medical
EC.r : Dr. Peter Schmid, Institute of Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
BD.c : Dr. Lynn Voss, Boulder Orthopedics
BD.r : Dr. Carl Moritz, Boulder Medical Center

Personal Training
EC.c : Scott Strini, Fitness Together
EC.r : Scott Meier
BD.c : Fitness for Living Boot Camp
BD.r : The Workout Studio

EC.c : Lakeshore Athletic Club
EC.r : Longmont Rec Center
BD.c : Flatirons Athletic Club
BD.r : Rally Sport


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