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Best People


EC.c : Frank Day
To be honest, it’s hard to pick the “best” philanthropist—it’s kind of like picking the best chocolate or the best beach spot in Fiji. But Frank Day and his bevy of restaurants seem to stand out of the charitable crowd. You had no idea those six beers you drank at Old C’s last Friday would contribute to helping children in need, the homeless and the hungry, did you? Your stomach and liver aren’t the only things seeing the impacts of Day’s generosity. His Rock Bottom Foundation works to provide support to the needy within the community, offering financial contributions and promoting volunteerism.

BD.c : Jared Polis
Jared Polis is a politician, true. But don’t discount his character just yet (there is a reason you voted for him, right?). Focusing on issues of education, the environment and healthcare, Polis has showered his riches on the less fortunate in Boulder County—yes, Boulder does have needy… and we aren’t talking about the starving students and the residents who can’t afford hybrids. From recognizing teachers to increasingly educational opportunities for local children, Polis takes the politics out of giving.

C : Bill Ritter
OK, so the obvious would have been to pick the new man in charge (picking President Obama is kind of like picking Rio for margaritas or Moe’s for bagels). So, we decided to spice it up a bit. So, why Gov. Ritter, you ask? Well, because a giant spotlight shown down on Colorado in 2008—literally and politically—and Colorado, with Gov. Ritter at the helm, held its own, showing that the state is now a political player. Ritter has helped see and support the state through a major political transition: turning blue before our very eyes. While the state certainly has its share of problems (honestly, who isn’t in debt?) and Ritter has his share of critics, we think he’s great…and dreamy.
R : Mark Udall

Local Blogger
C : Lacy Boggs
To be honest, my desk is about three feet from Lacy’s. I can hear her keys click-click-clacking as I write this. She’s so close she could be reading over my shoulder; so close she could punch me in the back of the head. Needless to say, Lacy is great! Actually, in all honestly, I could totally take her. You can read Lacy’s musings at four different spots: catch her literary insights at thespiralnotebook.com; her personal-revolution diary at thememakeover.blogspot.com; her eco-examinations as Denver’s greenie at Examiner.com; and at Yellowscene.com as our associate editor and blogging guru.
R : Lacy Boggs

Local Celebrity
C : Chef Hosea Rosenberg (winner of Top Chef)
Dear Chef Hosea, we just wanted to say how much you have meant to us over the past few months, as we watched you kick some major carcass on Top Chef. You’re more than just a reality TV star or a cooking competition champ—no, there is something special about you. The way you handle a knife; the way the lighting creates a hallo effect on your lustrous dome; the way a challenge never seems to phase you. And let us not forget the dimples. Sincerely, your biggest fan, Yellow Scene.
R : John Breaux


Lacy is an award-winning food writer and blogger. She lives in Westminster with her family. Google

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