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Larimer Sheriff Gets Feedback… and Then Some


If you thought the news coverage of the Heene Balloon Extravaganza was crazy, you should check out the newest online column from Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden.

Alderden’s visage has been broadcast worldwide since the antics of Fort Collins’ balloon boy, and it appears he’s learned the price of fame. In his most recent Bull’s-eye, which Alderden uses as a soapbox on everything from local crime trends to political issues, the Larimer County sheriff shares some of the emails he has received in the wake of the Heene’s infamous flight to stardom. Emails range from nutty to completely insane, fashion advice to personal concern, simple and kind … to filled with exclamation points.

“I was watching your press conference on the TV over the weekend — the balloon people. I think you did a great job with the media. I thought you might like to know that I noticed your breathing was restricted in some way. You might consider having a chest scan,” one person wrote.

“Ok Barney Fife…….. Law enforcement shouldnt be sceptical??? Then OJ was totally innocent in Larimer County. You are an Idiot!!!!!!!!!” another observer vented.

See for yourself at larimersheriff.org/BullsEye/


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