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How Colorado Are You?


Our Annual Winter Guide takes on a new form.

Test your snow cred with a Colorado-inspired quiz. Check off each of the activities you’ve done and tally your score. Are you legit? Or should you start working on your Rocky Mountain reputation?

This quiz has been removed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

(0–6 points)
We don’t want to make you feel bad, but really? Are you visiting? Are you trying NOT to experience this awesome state? Tip: You’re in need of a road trip. We suggest Grand Lake, it’s an one-stop winter wonderland.

(7-16 points)
Not too shabby! You’ve put in effort, skied a few slopes and sucked in steam at the hot springs. Still, you need some work. Tip: Visit Ouray. It’s gorgeous and an icy adventure that will leave you breathless.

(17-30 points)
Congrats, you local you! You have native pouring from your North Face jacket. You likely drive a Subaru with a ski rack and Left Hand sticker. Tip: Keep on keepin’ on. See powderaddiction.com for more fun!

A Guide to Riding, Gliding and Stomping

It’s not all about Vail and Aspen. Often, the best parts of winter are silent, glistening trails and family forays to sledding hills.

Snowshoe Trails
Heil Valley Ranch: Right near Lyons, this beloved area includes 15 miles of trails.

Brainard Lake Loop: The Indian Peaks area is popular for a reason: It’s absolutely beautiful. You’ll have no problem finding a good trail in the area and the loop is a nice five-mile hike.

Rabbit Mountain: Well used by mountain bikers and hikers in the summer, Rabbit Mountain has backcountry trails perfect for an afternoon of snowshoeing.

Rocky Mountain National Park: The east side of the park has some miraculous options. Though high winds can make your hike a bit daunting, there are tremendous payoffs…not to mention sliding down a bunch of untouched slopes.

Eldorado Canyon: Best part is, it’s right in your backyard. Try out Rattlesnake Gulch Trail or Fowler Trail; either will likely have the most snow throughout the winter.

Chautauqua Park: This Boulder icon, nestled between the Flatirons and the city, is perfect for an in-town snowshoe jaunt.

Cross-Country Skiing

North Boulder Park: This path is wonderfully groomed by the Boulder Nordic Club, and it’s become a great local stop for those who prefer a prepared trail. And because it sits in the shadow of Mount Sanitas, it stays snowy longer than other Front Range tracks.

Eldora Mountain Resort’s Nordic Center: While there are trail fees here, this is really the prime nearby location for cross-country skiing. Beautiful, peaceful and designated for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Betasso Preserve: Start at the east trailhead and enjoy a moderate 3.2-mile incline: a peaceful backcountry.

Caribou Ranch: With more than 2,000-acres of backcountry, Caribou Ranch is good for summer and winter escapism. Check out the DeLonde Trail and the Blue Birds Loop for good snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Sledding Hills

Superior: The open space just south of High Plains Drive along the western side of McCaslin Boulevard is a top sledding destination. Long runs plus high speeds equals…just be careful. Let’s just say, when you feel the need for speed, you know where to go.

Louisville Recreation Center: The Louisville Recreation Center has numerous sledding spots for kids, as well as a few miles of cross-country ski trails.

Autumn Ash Park, Lafayette: Sometimes a sledding hill doesn’t have to be a monster to become a favorite. Lafayette’s Autumn Ash Park is about as family friendly as you can get. The park is quaint, and the hill is gentle.

Tantra Park, Boulder: Located on Brookfield Drive in South Boulder, it’s the longest hill in town at more than 100 yards. It’s often called the best Boulder has to offer, and it’s the type of hill that makes childhood memories.

Scott Carpenter Park, Boulder: This is a longtime favorite for young families. It’s not a knock-your-socks-off type hill but it’s good for the youngsters and for those who might be afraid of heights.

Casey Middle School, Boulder: Located at 13th and North streets, this hill is not huge but it’s steep.

Skyline High School, Longmont: Though it’s in danger of being lost during the expansion of the school, this location is for now a local favorite.

Sunset Middle School, Longmont: Located on Sunset, this school has a nice and easy hill, perfect for the whole family.

City Park Recreation Center, Westminster: Westminster’s website calls the hill at Sheridan and 105th the best sledding locale in town. And the 622-foot cross-town elevation gain means some of the best sliding spots around.

Multi-Purpose Fields, Thornton: Near 108th and Colorado, this is a popular spot for local families. Also, try the hill near Community Park on 95th Avenue.


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