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Nine Questions with Funny Guy Josh Blue


Josh Blue leapt onto the national scene with an irrepressible sense of charming, self-deprecating humor thanks to his win on Last Comic Standing’s fourth season run. The comedian’s ability to win over judges by poking fun at his own disability (he has cerebral palsy) was a juggernaut through the competition; since then, he’s made a career out of it, touring the country and performing on virtually every major network. Here, he talks about tying his shoes, making fun of Yo-Yo Ma and his aspirations to open a legal pot dispensary.

French Davis: There was some controversy surrounding Last Comic Standing and the judges’ decisions versus producers’ meddling; you seemed to transcend that. Was there ever any fallout that affected you the public may not have seen?
Josh Blue: None at all. I guess I transcended it so much that I was completely unaware of any controversy.

FD: It’s surprising the number of comedians who are actually extremely depressed. You seem to be a legitimately happy person, especially in light of having to deal with cerebral palsy. What’s your secret?
JB: Who you calling happy? Seriously, I’ve always just had fun with life and I try to hang around with people who have the same mentality.

FD: Who are your favorite comedians? Why?
JB: Chris Rock—he’s brutality honest and completely fearless. Ellen DeGeneres—she’s a brilliant writer…and she put me on her show!

FD: You’re having a dinner party with three famous people, living or dead. Who are they and why did you pick them?
JB: Bob Dylan—he’s a lyrical genius and an unstoppable force. Chaka Khan—because I’ve always wanted to say, “hey Chaka, pass me the potatoes,” and I’m pretty sure she’d be available. Yo-Yo Ma—who can’t appreciate a well-played cello? Plus, I have some great yo-yo jokes I bet he’s never heard.

FD: What’s the hardest thing for you to do that other people take for granted?
JB: Tie my shoes. Thanks for reminding me.

FD: What really pisses you off?
JB: That last question.

FD: Sorry about that. Since you’ve had your successes, was there a moment when you realized, wow, I’m actually kind of famous?
JB: It was during the finals of Last Comic. I was in a car accident with my fiancé Yuko (who’s now my wife). It was a pretty bad crash and Yuko was banged up pretty good. I got out of the car and the driver of the other car runs up to me in a panic, apologizing and such, and then he looks at me and gets a big smile on his face and goes, “Hey, you’re Josh Blue!”

FD: What’s one thing no one knows about you?
JB: I dream in color.

FD: If you weren’t a comedian, what would you be doing?
JB: A waiter at Pete’s Kitchen. Or an owner of a pot dispensary (the legal kind, of course!).


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