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Our View: Music The Mandrake “Black Prophecy”


For those who don’t like heavy metal, you might as well leave the room. Local band The Mandrake has put out a new album called Black Prophecy (Crash Music, Inc.), and this killer album is a head-banging heavy metal sensation that makes you want to dance all around or mosh.

With insane guitar riffs, sweet double pedal and awesome drumming, you will be dragged into the heart-pounding music. While Korn, Metallica and Slipknot they’re not, they’re more original than most bands on Colorado radio today. They make you want to jump out of your chair and into the local metal scene.

The cover art of the album is sick-black, kind of like an image from a horror movie. A place full of death, anger and darkness. If that’s not creepy enough, wait until you see the guys in the band. Metal ladies, you’ll love them!

The Mandrake’s dark yet beautiful soul crashes head first into the deep, scary dungeon of their funereal lyrics. This band is hard rock, a band you’d want to experience live. Black Prophecy is a definite must-own for the wild, rebel metal heads out there seeking something different to fuel their anger…and their raw pleasure. myspace.com/themandrake and themandrake.com

Music review by Imagine! CORE – Longmont Reviewers, which include Scott Scamehorn, Mike Williams, Ian Markiewicz, Michael Gorman, Stephani Mills (not pictured) and Kyle Borecky. Check them out on Twitter at twitter.com/reviewerspage.


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