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What Happens When Titans Collide


If there was one thing that everyone could agree on during Monday night’s Karl Rove vs. Howard Dean debate at CU’s Macky Auditorium, it’s that the Obama administration has critics on both sides of the aisle.

Neither Dean nor Rove were declared winner. But President Obama and other Democrat leaders could arguably be considered the losers. While Rove—of course—bulldozed Dems over everything from carbon taxing to last year’s stimulus efforts to health care, Dean too gave his progressive pals a good stern talking to. As he has done before, the always excitable Dean, former chair of the National Democratic Party and former presidential contender, lambasted the party for its capitulation.

“I’m tired of being weak and right. I want to be strong and right,” he said. “And that’s our message for this fall.”

Dean said Democrats need to “stop playing defense, get our message together,” and continue to work on getting bills through.

Rove—Republican Party and Bush administration mastermind—also had thoughts on what his party needs to accomplish before the next election.

“It would be a mistake to do nothing,” he said. “… We need to ride a positive and optimistic wave.”

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