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Best of the West: Critics’ Choice Entertainment


Best hotel to make you feel hipper than you are
Aloft, Broomfield
When you walk in to the lobby and bar of Aloft—filled with bright colors, contemporary design and cool lounging spots—you immediately feel that you should have worn something nicer, more chic or styled. But no worries. The staff here will give you a nice “aloha” and make you feel right at home (despite the fact that you’re wearing white socks and black shoes).

Best Place to Get Lost in a Crowd
Lafayette Peach Festival
Don’t worry about it. Yes, it will be crowded. Yes, parking will be nuts. But the Peach Fest is absolutely worth it. Take a big juicy bite of this slice of East County culture and savor it.

Best big surprise in a small town
Erie Town Fair, Erie
The Town Fair is the premier event in this suburbia. People come for the balloons, blocks of booths, food, fun and a car show but they stay for the explosion of small-town charm.

Best summer music venue
Planet Bluegrass, Lyons
What would summer be without Planet Bluegrass? Sad. Musicless. Unfun. Well, maybe you would just miss some great shows. The always dependable, picturesque venue brings in amazing performers during RockyGrass and Folks Fest. Summer just wouldn’t be the same.

Best Way to Experience the No. 1 Town in the U.S.
Louisville Town Faire
It doesn’t take a national ranking to make us appreciate Louisville. But if anyone was looking for a reason to visit, this makes a good excuse. If you need an intro to Louisville, the Town Faire is an excellent foray. There’s music, food and all your new best friends.

Best makeover
1STBank Center, Broomfield
With a new paint job, art on the wall and a solid line up, the former Broomfield Event Center has a spirit that’s finally making the facility what it should have been: a money-maker.

Best place to kick back
Hotel Boulderado, Boulder
We know what you are thinking, who goes to a hotel in their own city? Um, we do. It’s not necessarily a week-long vacation, but occasionally a trip to the Boulderado is not just nice, it’s needed. Don’t want to spend the money on a room? Just grab a drink in the Corner Bar and park yourself in the lobby on a rainy day.

Best place to enjoy nature without going outside
Butterfly Pavilion, Westminster
If you have allergies…if it’s a blustery day…if you’re just tired of the sun. The Butterfly Pavilion makes nature possible even when you aren’t up for frolicing in the great outdoors.


Lacy is an award-winning food writer and blogger. She lives in Westminster with her family. Google

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