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Think outside the funnel cake


You can find food at festivals and fairs. You can find fried dough, fried onions, fried Snickers, fried cheese, fried Twinkies, fried potatoes and fried pickles. You can find burgers, hotdogs, popcorn and peanuts in the shell.

Bored yet?

We were. Until we went hunting for the least funnel cake-like food served at local summer events:


Where: Lafayette Peach Festival

The best thing about the Lafayette Peach Festival is that you can get peaches in so many different forms. We love the peach smoothies and the peach cobbler. Last year, we also tasted peach panna cotta and peach pizza. And this year? Who knows what deliciousness you’ll bump in to.

Salad and Ginger Lemonade from Happy Orange Tent

Where: Boulder Farmer’s Market

When we asked a few local foodies about their favorite fair food, Stephanie, a food blogger at sweetbutsalty.com, responded with enthusiasm: The Happy Orange Tent. She opined that they have the best salad at the market. It comes with rice noodles, chicken or baked tofu, fresh veggies, sesame seeds and an amazing peanut dressing. Add a refreshing glass of ginger lemonade, and you’ll understand her passion.

Tacos from Pica’s Taqueria

Where: Louisville Street Faire

Pica’s has become a favorite for the east Boulder lunch crowd.  And on Friday evenings throughout the summer, you can find them at the Louisville Street Faire, serving up yummy little tacos with all sorts of slow-cooked meats, freshness and accoutrements. We love the hangar steak with lime pesto and chipotle salsa.

Dumplings from Sister’s Pantry

Where: Planet Bluegrass and Boulder Farmer’s Market

Never fail, Sister’s Pantry (pictured above) always has the longest line. But when you get up front, where you can almost taste the dumplings, you know why you stood in line while your favorite band played your favorite song.  Grab a bowl of dumplings—we recommend the curry chicken dumplings—and don’t forget the cilantro soy vinaigrette and garlic-chili sauce in the side.


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