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A New Tune for the Niwot Timberline Symphony…er, the Boulder Symphony Orchestra


The Boulder Symphony Orchestra has changed its tune again.

Originally known as the Boulder Community Orchestra and then the Niwot Timberline Symphony, the local group has been renamed and is now being relocated.

But why the constant change?

After branching off from the Boulder Philharmonic ensemble, the local musicians found a home in Boulder Valley schools. They also adopted a less rigorous schedule than their professionally-bound counterpart. But the after-school programs of the talented Boulder Valley students caused the orchestra (then called Timberline Symphony) to play second fiddle. With locations that changed like Colorado weather and last-minute cancellations, confusion was strong among audiences and musicians alike. Seeking a more permanent place to lay their instrument cases, the Timberline Symphony relocated to Niwot High School, incorporating the city into their name to show their love. The orchestra seemed to be the end of a long, rootless journey.

However, the group found themselves wandering once again due to rising rates from the St. Vrain Valley Schools District. With dwindling hopes, they set out in search of yet another home, and found the First Presbyterian Church of Boulder, which gave the orchestra more freedom with rehearsals and concerts. Keeping with the sweet notes of change, they also changed their name to the Boulder Symphony Orchestra. Led by the young, talented conductor Devin Patrick Hughes, the group has once again found harmony with the city where they began.

Is it happily every after? Check them out at timberlinesymphony.org.


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