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3…2…1…Bikini! Local Chef creates Latin cuisine for Atkins


The countdown to the New Year quickly came and went, and thoughts of springtime are now creeping out of dusty cupboards. The negative temperatures make it difficult for me to even believe that there is a warm, bright light at the end of the surprisingly long tunnel encased with ice.

However, as the shops dust off last year’s bikini selections, I feel an increasing pressure to find my bikini body underneath winter’s heavy blanket.

Surely I am not alone in my timely quest for the bikini body. Each year, around this time, healthful diets, treadmills and workout plans creep out of hibernation and force themselves to be recognized.

And Boulder chef Ian Clark is here to help. Clark has an excellent resume working in restaurants throughout the country while helping to win awards; he now leads the crew at Pearl Street’s Centro Latin Kitchen and Refreshment Palace.

His love of cooking, and his beautifully crafted low-carb Latin cuisine can now be salivated over by visiting the Atkins website: atkinschefrecipes.com/chefs/ian-clark

The marriage of Clark’s intricate tastes and textures with his creation of Latin cuisine and low-carb eating seems quite appealing if you ask me.

The only slight problem I see here is the Atkin’s Diet, which is so 2003. Admittedly, they won’t taste as good as Clark’s spicy, saucy creations, but what about the Cookie Diet or the Taco Bell Diet?