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Romancing Stone: BIFF honors the man behind the camera


Any movie that includes war or battle in the synopsis abruptly shoves me to the edge of my seat. As the discordant, terrifying suspense music starts up when the soldiers trek through unfamiliar territory, I begin to slow the handfuls of popcorn and sips of some sugary concoction. I love the gore; I love the betrayal; and most of all, the giant guns and bombs that blast people and buildings away in a matter of seconds. The suspense literally keeps me looking through the holes of my fingers and on the edge of my seat, if they’re lucky, through the entirety of the film.

Cinematography has come a long way, as we all know, since the beginning of film in the early 1900s. Oliver Stone is one revolutionary cinema cat who walked into the major movie scene in 1986 after his Oscar-winning film, Platoon. And the talented three-time Oscar-winning film director, producer and screenwriter will be honored at the Boulder International Film Festival on Sunday, Feb. 20. The “Tribute to Oliver Stone” will begin at 6:30pm in the Boulder Theater at 2032 14th St. The tribute will include a retrospective film of Stone’s career, along with Q&A.

The fest is the one time a year that Boulder gets to really feel glamorous, as all-access VIP passes allow locals to actually talk with filmmakers and actors fresh off the red carpet.

BIFF reels in many celebrity appearances, like Alec Baldwin at the 2010 fest, who, only days before the glamorous fest, had a breakdown and attacked a photographer…how very Hollywood of us. BIFF is honored to have such a brilliant filmmaker like Stone attend the 2011festival, as well as other “big shots” from Hollywood, announced in a press release. Director Don Hahn, of my all time favorite childhood movie, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, will also be attending the big fest.

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