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Colorado: A Dish Best Served Cold and Snowy


Looking for vacant slopes with plenty of room to grind? Then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Hundreds of visitors travel to Colorado to experience the curving, intricate slopes of the Rocky Mountains that promise a lot of speed, adrenaline and exaltation. With some of the snowiest winters in the West, Colorado ski and snowboard resorts offer an experience that keeps visitors from around the country coming back each year. Colorado Ski Country USA, representative for 22 of the best ski resorts in Colorado, counts on the skiers’ addiction to Colorado’s fluffy snow to increase the number of visitors each year.

According to CSCUSA statistics, there was a 10 percent increase in visitors during the opening of the 2010-11 ski season, compared to 2009-2010. That bump is accredited to the amount of snowfall. Hefty amounts of snow have kept up the reputation of Colorado’s majestic mountains that keep skiers hungry for more.

With roughly 1,700 trails to choose from, CSCUSA attributes “consistent snow and reliable conditions” to the successful start of the ski season, announced in a press release. With roughly 300 days of sunshine each year, Colorado offers more than groomed slopes and steeps moguls.

Of course the luscious powder is a luring factor for many visitors, but the services, events and family programs also offer entertainment at many resorts throughout the winter season. With activities throughout the day including night skiing, and fun adult and kid ski races, resorts try to involve skiers and snowboarders of all ages.

If you are an avid Colorado skier or want to know more, information about Colorado ski resorts, events and a 24-hour snow report are available at coloradoski.com.

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