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Snowshoe Away Your Winter Blues


In the Boulder area, it’s all about being healthy—but winter activities can often threaten to break the budget.

Local fitness and healthy-living company Fitness For Living is offering multiple “Fun-Fit Adventures” this season—encouraging residents to engage in winter activities without letting it implode their bank accounts. Each Fun-Fit Adventure is free to the community. All you have to do is rent snowshoes, which is a limited expense, register and show up.

This coming Jan. 29, a snowshoe hike to Brainard Lake will ensue. It is a great opportunity for you to dust off your mid-winter blues and find peace and relaxation in the mountains. Plus, you can enjoy the company of your fellow community members.

Fitness For Living director David Clair says the upcoming event is for people of all physical levels to join.

“Snowshoeing is an ideal group activity. Those that are more fit lead the group and pack down the snow making it easier for those that follow,” he said in a press release.

Clair ensures that your physique need not be chiseled from stone, as these outings are suitable for all average adults.

The Fun-Fit Adventure team has thought through every aspect of this outing, including how to address outdoor education and healthy lifestyles. Community members will be instructed on the usage of off-trail GPS readings; GPS education will help the participants find a cabin where a tranquil break will be taken.

Snowshoeing does not require an abundance of equipment, so it is relatively convenient for any and all to join in. A list of items suitable to bring, and some recommendations for snowshoe rentals can be found at: fitliv.com

So put on your mittens and bundle up for a good time.

You must register in order to participate. For more information or to register call 303-550-3491.