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The Bolder Life: Grab a Pint Glass Because this Post is Soaked with Beer!


I think by now we’re all aware that words like “local,” “micro-brew” and “delicious” are pretty synonymous ‘round these parts. With some of the nation’s most respected and successful breweries located in Boulder County, it’s pretty easy to become a little snobbish and geeky about the beer that you drink.

I, like beer, as I imagine that many of you do too. So in honor of this common bond that I’ve discovered between us, I’ve written this entire post on the upcoming happenings in the Boulder County Beer scene. If you can’t find something awesome and beer related to do after reading this post, then I might have to quit writing and find another job—like bounty hunting or sweeping chimneys… you get the point. So here it is.

You better grab a pint glass because this blog post is so beer soaked that you’ll be drinking for weeks.

Kyle’s Brewfest—Saturday, July 23 @ Boulder Beer Brewery
Just because the Great American Beer Festival sold out of tickets in seven days, doesn’t mean that you can’t still get your beer festival fix in for the summer. Kyle Hollingsworth, of some serious String Cheese Incident fame, is hosting a brewfest in conjunction with Boulder Beer and Odell Brewing. The festival will be hosted at the Boulder Beer Brewery and will feature more than 25 breweries, including seven of BoCo’s own: Click here for more details. More than 50 craft beers will be served, including the Hoopla Pale Ale, which was created and brewed by Kyle Hollingsworth himself. Hop to it and buy your tickets today.

Tapping of Brewer’s Association/Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Earth Day EPA, Collaboration Brew—Saturday, July 23 @ Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids
In 1978, two beer enthusiasts formed the American Homebrewers Association in Boulder—33 years later, nearly 40 of the most passionate people in beer are employed with this organization and they’ve teamed up with the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company to create the “Earth Day EPA”—an “earthy” brew with a medium body and loads of flavors from an unusual mix of hops. Tapping is at 11am at Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids, so stop by for lunch and get a taste of this unique brew.

Asher Brewing Beer Dinner—Thursday, July 28 @ Café Aion
Café Aion, in Boulder, is the brain-child of a team of great friends and very talented chefs. Next week, they’ll be pairing their delicious food with the organic brews of the very popular makers of the vegan-friendly, Tree Hugger Organic Amber Ale. This is Café Aion’s first beer dinner and it’s sure to winner.

Avery Brewing Anniversary Party—Sunday, Aug. 7 @ Avery Brewing
Avery is celebrating “18 years of aggressive, challenging beer” with an anniversary party featuring a slew of Avery beers, all-you-can-eat barbecue and live music from local Boulder bands. I can attest to the aggressive and challenging part of their statement because after intentionally consuming an entire Hog Heaven once, I felt a little “challenged” and was “aggressively” hitting the patron sitting next to me in the tasting room. Be sure to bike over, as parking is limited—and check here for pricing and more details about the event.

And there you have it. The best upcoming, local events in the beer scene. And if you’re feeling a little intimidated or feel like you need to brush up on your beer geek status, check out the brewery tours at Oskar Blues Brewery beginning this afternoon. Tours are offered at 2, 3, 4 and 5pm and are run by the ridiculously knowledgeable, mostly funny, King of the Beer Geeks, Nathan Levi. Gain all of the beer knowledge that you need to fit in at these upcoming beer events, and sample some OB brews while you’re at it.

Happy Beer Season-ing, BoCo!

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